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But did you know that this spice pod is also known as the queen of spices around the world? Or that Guatemala, a country in Central America, is the largest producer of cardamom in the world, even though the spice originated from the Indian subcontinent? That's exactly what we are going to discuss in today's episode of Fact vs.

cardamom in astrology

Fiction - mind-blowing facts and health benefits of cardamom! And if you missed the last episode where we explored the amazing benefits of eating curd every day, then don't worry.

Stomach Problems

You can read it right here. The pods may look tiny. But they are diamonds of the spice world, and beat only by saffron and vanilla in price. Green cardamom is the most common variety of this spice pod and is also known as true cardamom. It is used in both sweet and savory food preparations, like kheer and biryani, and is extremely fragrant. Black cardamom, on the other hand, is not as fragrant and used primarily in savory dishes.

In fact, it is one of the spices used to prepare garam masala. Human civilizations have used cardamom for more than years now.

17 Mind-blowing Facts and Health Benefits of Cardamom (Elaichi)

In fact, it was ritualistically used in ancient Egypt and was a common spice used by the Romans and Greeks, before it was introduced in the Scandinavian countries by the Vikings.

It might have originated in the Indian subcontinent, but Guatemala, a country in Central America, is the largest producer of this spice in the world! Cardamom is an exceptional medicinal spice and is known to stimulate our body's metabolism and increase bile secretion, which improves digestion, prevents acid reflux, and gastric disorders.

Cardamom is known to reduce the cholesterol level in your blood and also reduce blood pressure in hypertensive individuals. In fact, a study found that having cardamom regularly can improve your lipid profile, decrease the free radicals circulating in your body, and also enhance the clot destructive properties of your blood which can prevent stroke.

If you are suffering from depression, mix powdered cardamom with tea leaves before you brew your daily cup of tea. This is known to ease the signs of depression. Green cardamom is known for improving the health of your respiratory system, which includes reduced wheezing, coughing, shortness of breath, and other symptoms of asthma.

Cardamom is rich in manganese and is known to reduce the risk of diabetes. But this property is still being studied and is, therefore, not conclusive.

Cardamom is very effective against the harmful bacteria known to colonize our mouth, like Streptococcus mutans. Plus, it enhances our salivary secretion, which helps flush out plaque and prevents the growth of bacteria. Loss of appetite is a common symptom of most diseases and disorders, including cancer and anorexia.

Cardamom pods contain a compound called cineole in them, which is a potent nerve stimulant and libido enhancer. If you have unceasing bouts of hiccups, just brew a warm cup of cardamom tea and sip on it. This will get rid of your hiccups through the spice's muscle-relaxing properties. Cardamom contains vitamin C in it, which is a potent antioxidant. Plus, it also contains many phytonutrients in it that improve the blood circulation of your skin and removes fine lines, wrinkles, and other signs of aging.

If you want a fair complexion, just mix cardamom powder in 1 teaspoon of honey and apply this over your face as a mask regularly. This is known to lighten the tone of your skin and also get rid of marks and blemishes.Every day new cases from countries such as America, Iran, Italy etc. Worldwide research on how to control or even put an end to Coronavirus is going on. So far, 82 people have tested positive for the highly contagious Coronavirus infection.

Declaring it an epidemic, several states have instructed to close the schools and colleges. At this time, every person in the country and the world wants the answer to only one question- For How Long Will Coronavirus Wreak Havoc?

On this note, we have carried out an astrological analysis of Coronavirus outbreak. With this article, we will try to alert the natives of all zodiac signs, reveal the necessary precautions to be taken by the natives of some specific signs and shed light on the wrecking timeline of this outbreak. Although anyone can contract this viral disease anytime, natives of some zodiac signs are required to take necessary actions to avoid it.

On this note, we have provided you with a table through which you can understand this aspect in a better way and pay attention according to your zodiac sign:. Astrology emphasizes maintaining harmony among the Panchabhutas that dominate human life. The deadly disease Coronavirus, which has disturbed the whole world, has now knocked on the doors of India.

More than 70 people in India have been found infected with this disease, and the numbers are likely to increase. The death of a year-old man in Karnataka has also been confirmed. While Coronavirus has been declared as a pandemic in Delhi and Haryana, necessary prevention measures are being taken in many other states including Odisha, considering it a health disaster.

Air travel has been limited and the government has appealed to all citizens to stay away from crowded places, avoid travelling and take all necessary measures.

Independent India. Any virus can easily attack you only when your immunity is weak. Coronavirus is also a virus that enters your body and directly hits your immune system. Therefore, you must take some preventive measures to keep it at bay. Astrology and Ayurveda have a profound relationship from years, and accordingly, some special remedies have been suggested for you to follow:.

Coronavirus comes from a large family of viruses and is currently taking a form of an infectious disease.Drinking boiled cardamom water can provide you with several health benefits. This spice is commonly used as a treatment for mouth ulcers, digestive problems and also depression. Several studies have also confirmed the health benefits of cardamom.

When Will Coronavirus End? – An Astrological Insight For This Viral Outbreak

Its worth adding these spices to your foods as they not only give you a good flavour, but also serves you with immense health benefits. Cardamom is also used to treat several other issues including heartburn, intestinal spasms, irritable bowel syndrome, intestinal gas, constipation, liver and gall bladder complaints. It also increases the movement of the food through the intestines.

Cardamom is a good source of minerals like potassium, calcium, sulfur and magnesium along with iron and manganese.

They are also known for their antiseptic, antioxidant, carminative, digestive, diuretuc, expectorant, stimulant and tonic properties. Cardamom can improve your health in numerous ways. Here, we have listed some of the top health benefits of cardamom water. Read further to know more about the benefits of drinking cardamom water. Cardamom can be used in many ways to counteract digestive problems. Drinking cardamom water everyday helps fight against nausea, acidity, bloating, gas, loss of appetite, constipation and many more.

This spice helps the body eliminate the waste through the kidneys. Hence it is recommended to consume cardamom water everyday. Drinking cardamom water acts as a good detoxifier, due to its diuretic properties.

It cleans out the urinary tract, bladder and kidneys. It also removes the waste, salt, excess water, toxins and combats infections. Having cardamom water as your everyday beverage helps fight against depression. It is also an Ayurvedic means of getting relief from this disorder. Drinking cardamom water everyday helps fight against mouth ulcers, infection of the mouth and throat. This drink helps relieve the symptoms of cold and flu.

It is also used to fight against bronchitis and coughs. Several studies have shown that cardamom water protects against, inhibits the growth and even kills some cancers. Being a diuretic and fibre rich spice, cardamom water significantly helps lower the blood pressure levels. Many of the vitamin, phytonutrients and essential oils in cardamom acts as antioxidants, cleaning up the free radicals and resisting cellular ageing.

The volatile essential oils in cardamom inhibits the growth of viruses, bacteria, fungi and mold. For Quick Alerts. Subscribe Now. For Daily Alerts. Just In 48 min ago Daily Horoscope: 12 April Must Watch. Digestion: Cardamom can be used in many ways to counteract digestive problems.SUN Solar energy is increased by taking spicy and fiery herbs, like cayenne, black pepper, dry ginger, long pepper, cardamom, saffron, calamus, bayberry and cinnamon specially the Ayurvedic formula Trikatu.

Calamus is best for the sattvic side of solar energy in the mind. Aromatic oils and fragrances for the Sun are camphor, cinnamon, eucalyptus, saffron — most warm and stimulating oils. Fragrance of white flowers like jasmine, gardenia, lotus and lily are good as is sandalwood oil. These can be applied to the heart or to the third eye. MARS Most of the spices that are good for the Sun, work well for Mars like cinnamon, saffron, cayenne or black pepper but combined with tonics like ginseng, astragalus, ashwagandha, guggul or myrrh, turmeric, garlic, onions and asafoetida can be very good particularly the Ayurvedic formula Hingashatak.

When Mars is strong, however, we need bitter herbs like aloe, gentian, golden seal and Echinacea. MERCURY Good herbs for Mercury are nerviness like gotu kola, bhringaraj ecliptaskullcap, passionflower, betony, jatamansi, zizyphus, camomile, mint and sage.

Basil, particularly holy basil tulsi is specific for Mercury Vishnu. Good oils and aromas are mint, wintergreen, eucalyptus, cedar, thyme and sage, which clear and open the mind.

Yet they should be balanced with mind-calming oils like sandalwood, plumeria frangipani and lotus. JUPITER Jupiter energy is increased by tonic herbs like ashwagandha, bala, licorice, ginseng and astragalus particularly as taken in milk decoctions, with ghee clarifies butter or a herb jellies. Good foods for increasing Jupiter energy are nuts like almonds, walnuts, cashews and sesame seeds and oils like ghee, sesame and almond.

Other good herbs are tonics like shatavari, white musali, amalaki, aloe gel, rehmannia dang gui and red raspberry. SATURN Good herbs for a weak Saturn are myrrh, frankincense, guggul, ashwagandha, shilajit, haritaki and comfrey root — herbs to strengthen the bones and promote healing.

The Ayurvedic formula Triphala is specific for Saturn, as it cleanses all waste materials and also tones the deeper tissues. RAHU Rahu is very subtle force and cannot be dealt with on a simple outer level. Aromas for clearing the psychic air can be helpful like camphor, bayberry, sage, eucalyptus or wintergreen as can calming fragrances like sandalwood, lotus and frankincense.

Calamus is the best herb for Rahu. Herbs to increase perception like sage, calamus, bayberry, wild ginger and juniper may be useful.

Penetrating aromatic oils like camphor, cedar, myrrh and frankincense can be good. Afflictions of a strong Ketu, however, required cooling nerviness like gotu kola, bhringaraj, skullcap and passion flower.

The role of plantsIndian society is indispensable.Newsletter Sign-Up. You will be artistic, creative, wealthy, and will have a good thoughts. A negative Venus: may make you poor; will not let you get love from your life partner; problems in married life; you may fight with most people, lots of struggles and hard work; may give you illneses like bad skin, diabetes, cough pain in tibia, back pain, patches on cheek and dry skin on cheeks. Other symptoms: dark circles just below the eyes, bent back, lethargic walk, tummy middle part of stomach will increase, will excessively love sweets.

You may be lecherous and will attract bad kind of people of the opposite sex. Don't get married if Venus is in retrograde. It may effect the married life especially when someone has mangald dosh.

Keep these things in your wallet or Purse ! it makes you very rich very fast.

It will also have an effect on your future children. Shani needs to be strong to make the Venus stronger. If this is the case, such people are interested in films and literature. It may also cause you problems in your skin and disease in the private parts. Also, you will start quarrelling with your life partner. If Venus is flat on the hand, it may indicate that the person's father may have diabetes. A very plump thumb, lots of crossed out lines on the Venus mount, a mole on the mount also denote a negative Venus.

However, you need the positive effects of Jupiter or Ketu to get attracted to good people otherwise people who're greedy or not good will be attracted to you. You should have a balanced behavior throughout life especially if you're a female as people may misunderstand you due to your love and laughter.

If Venus is negative, then they'll become lazy and may suffer from hidden diseasesl If Venus is good, they may get mokhsa due to their inherent knowledge with which they can even change many people's lives. If Venus is negative, person may get into some kind of bad deeds with friends. Eat saunf, honey, masoor lentils. Cosmetics or fashion garmetns business will give you good results. Wear a silver ring in your thumb or person will have a lot of turmoil from 14 to 24 years of age.

Tie a few 8 to 10 Sarpokha sticks in a white thread and wear them around the neck during sunrise on any Friday. Don't eat sweets at night and if possible, then put a bit of lemon in milk and drink that 30 minutes before going to sleep. Chew black pepper and 2 leaves of tusli in the morning to get rid of cough caused by bad Venus. A positive Venus: will give you a good life with not much struggle; it will make you beautiful and give you grandeur and richness in life; will get you settled from 22 to 24 years of age; will give you a good life in partner; confidence; good body, a desire to live spiritually, you automatically attract good people of the opposite sex magnetism.

cardamom in astrology

Effects of Venus as per its placement in your chart: 1st House: you are creative and beautiful, your voice and language are very sweet; it gives you knowledge; you like travelling; you will attract people of the opposite sex. Remedies based on placement of Venus in your Kundali chart: 1st house: don't marry at 25 years of age. Eat makhane and sabudaana kheer with green cardamom. My name is gyanvi Mishra, born on 5june at hour. Birthplace is Bikramganj,Bihar M suffering from health issues,kindly suggest me remedies how to improve the Venus and overcome this struggling phase of being student as to achieve my life goals.

Thank you, waiting for reply. What should your advice??? Till today what ever I do is a failure I can't understand the problem so I need the solution for this. My email.Inside the tomb of the pharaoh, Ramses was found a celestial chart showing the astral influences on all the organs of the human body. In Rome, under the influence of the Church, astrological knowledge, and its predictions eventually were considered superstitious, and astrologers, along with mystics and spiritualists, were to suffer the persecution of the Catholic Church.

The Arabs in northern Africa and the Mediterranean were the caretakers responsible for the continuity of astrological studies and their esoteric traditions, adding to this knowledge with the development of more precise calculations, aspects, angles, and areas of influence in man's life.

The Arabs were also pioneers in the study and cataloging of treatments with herbs and medicinal plants. They were also the creators of the first known hospitals of the ancient world. Nowadays, herbs and flowers are still used in the preparation medicinal tinctures, teas, and dyes.

When these herbs are harvested using the Esoteric Astrology precepts, such following on days and hours of specific planetary regencies, they become active on the improvement or cure of specific diseases. Our current society mostly cherishes the values of scientific research and tries to diminish the ancient value of these natural ways of healing in favor of allopathic pharma; as if the advancement of biochemistry are the only treatments possible for our physical and psychological ills.

We have a mainstream society where homeopathy and herbal sciences are not entirely supported. Apparently, we must not forget that the allopathic treatments sometimes are necessary, but we should never forget to add the advantage of a complementary and supplementary use of natural resources such as herbs. The entry of the Sun in the Zodiac Virgo is a hugely known as the cosmic cycle for the harvesting of herbs, flowers, and roots to prepare tinctures and remedies. It is indeed perfect time integration with the healing force since Virgo is the sign of the sixth house of the astral map, reigning upon health and lifestyle.

Include Plants that may affect the activities of the subconscious. Plants are living by the water. All the Herbs that promote a positive frame of mind and expansion. Herbs that energize stimulate and promote inspiration. All the Mystical herbs that are helpful in dream work. Herbs are known as beneficial for enhancing sexuality. You must be logged in to post a comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

Remedies for Malefic Venus

Learn how your comment data is processed. Tags Astrological Herbal Correspondences astrology Chaldean astrology herbs medicinal tinctures. Esoteric Meaning of the Twelve Holy Days. View Comments 4 I love this; wonderful information and lovely illustrations. Thank you!

cardamom in astrology

Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment. All Rights Reserved. This website is a Soul Service-oriented Outreach. Home About Us.Since ancient times, plants and humans have had a very strong spiritual connection — plants capture solar energy and convert it into essential nutrients which humans can digest. In addition, herbs and plants carry in their cells the healing vibrations of nature and the wisdom of cosmic intelligence.

It is a popular medicinal plant which has been used for thousands of years. It is commonly hung over doors and houses in Africa to bring good prosperity and happiness. The magnificent oak trees are valued for their appearance and sturdy wood and are usually found in the Northern hemisphere. It can also be used to improve sensuality, love, and to attract good luck and success. Native to the Mediterranean region, it is one of the most frequently found herbs in a spice rack.

Rosemary is commonly prepared as a dried powdered extract or a whole dried herb, while liquid extracts and teas are made from dried or fresh leaves. For example, in ancient Greece, students would place rosemary sprigs in their hair while they learned for tests. This is one of the main reasons why clove is used as an ingredient in 99 percent of natural toothpaste. Also, the active principles in this herb enhance the digestion power and gut motility through improved gastrointestinal enzyme secretions.

Back then, cinnamon used to be valuable and rare and was regarded as a gift fit for princesses and kings. It belongs to a family of other aromatic plants, like — mint, lavender, and sage. You can find it in the form of an essential oil which is extracted from the white, violet-marked flowers and the lightly fragrant leaves of the plant. Patchouli is strongly associated with all the prosperity and abundance which nature has to offer.

Applying a few drops topically beforehand can create a grounding and calming atmosphere. Drinking chamomile tea is believed to bring prosperity and luck.

cardamom in astrology

Additionally, this tea is very effective in soothing skin irritation because of its antioxidant properties. Violets belong to a family named — Violaceae. The flower and leaf have been used for centuries by millions of individuals as an anti-inflammatory, antifungal, and antiseptic agent.

Violet can create an atmosphere of honesty and trust as well as it protects against deception. It is a common name for all plants in the Myrica genus, that has more than 50 species. Bayberry is known for its small bluish-white berries. It is used to bring blessings to the home and money to the pockets. All rights reserved. The information contained on CrystalWind. Please consult with your healthcare professional before making any dietary or lifestyle changes or taking supplements that may interfere with medications.

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